June 15, 2024, 10 am to 6 pm
Lake Skinner, Temecula, California



The Rotary District 5330 iGNITE Festival is a community outreach fundraiser to raise awareness of the Mental Health challenges in the Greater Inland Empire. The global pandemic has brought attention to another aspect of health often overlooked, Mental Health. Depression, anxiety, addiction, and suicide are widespread in the Greater Inland Empire and too often are seen as things to be ashamed of and kept quiet. Too often, it goes unnoticed until some event raises awareness, and people, in reflection, say “I wish I just saw the signs”.

The 60-plus clubs, encompassing 1,900 Rotarians in District 5330, recognize the gaps in understanding and resources and are stepping up to help. Inspired by District Governor Jamie Zinn, District 5330 is partnering with the Greater Inland Empire School Districts to roll out “Wellness in a Box.” This program, developed by Boston University and successfully implemented both domestically and internationally by Rotarians, trains our youth, teachers, and parents to recognize the early signs of mental health illness, provide a safe space to those suffering, and direct them to the resources needed to help them deal with their struggles so they don’t take extreme measures. This program, free to the schools, can supplement existing school district programs or be implemented in its entirety.

Help us to create hope in our communities and be a changemaker, one life at a time, through your 100% tax-deductible sponsorship. We invite you to join us on June 15, 2024, to celebrate the accomplishments and impact our clubs have made in the Greater Inland Empire.


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