Directions to Lake Skinner

37701 Warren Road
Winchester, CA 92596

From Interstate 15, exit EAST on Rancho California Road or Winchester Road. Watch for the directional signs to Lake Skinner, approximately 10 miles east of I-15. The Lake Skinner Regional Park entrance is located where the wonderful Temecula Valley vineyards you have been enjoying end on the right side of the road.

iGNITE Festival & Lake Skinner Hours

Friday, June 14th: Lake Skinner is open during regular business hours. See the Lake Skinner website for Friday hours.

Saturday, June 15th: The iGNITE Festival will be within the Lake Skinner Recreational Area. Gates to the Festival will open at 10 am, and the Festival ends at 6 pm.

Sunday, June 16th: Lake Skinner is open during regular business hours. See the Lake Skinner website for Sunday hours and additional park features and rules and to download the Park Brochure.

Festival In and Out Access

In and out access to the iGNITE Festival is allowed with proof of admission.

Outside Food and Beverage

No outside food or beverage, except water, is allowed into the iGNITE Festival grounds. If you are camping, you may have your own food at your site in the camping area.

Chairs, Umbrellas and beach towels

Low profile folding chairs, camp chairs and beach chairs will be allowed as well as beach towels and blankets for seating in the festival.  Small umbrellas that will not block the view of others are also permitted. Please be courteous to surrounding guests.

Lost and Found

If you find something or are looking for something you lost, please visit our Lost and Found area at the iGNITE Admissions Entrance.

Ride Share Access

Pick-up and drop-off will be at the entrance to the Special Events parking, next to the Campground Store.


Animals are allowed into the iGNITE Festival but MUST be on a leash or other restraint. The guest is responsible for immediately cleaning up after their pet and should bring their own materials to do so.

Food & Beverage Vendors

BBQ competitors and food vendors are located throughout the festival grounds (offering a variety of foods, snacks, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages). Food and beverages may only be purchased using the iGNITE Festival $1 Food and Beverage tickets. These $1 tickets are available in books of 10 at the admission entrance and other sites throughout the festival.


Please expect that it will be hot at the end of June and there are no large shaded areas except for the activity tents. Hats and sun block are recommended. There will be plenty of water and other beverages available in the festival.


Per Lake Skinner regulations, no weapons of any kind, even with a valid CCW permit, are allowed into the iGNITE Festival grounds.