District  Awards

Dacdb District Awards Module

This year the District has rolled out a new module in DACDB and a way for clubs to enter in there Avenue of Service projects.

These enteries ultimately will be the defining entries for your clubs Avenue Service Awards as well as obtaining the Governor Citation.  These Entries Must be entered into the system prior to May 1st.

You Must login into Dacdb and click on the District Tab.  Then Click the District Awards Icon and follow the instructions that are on the screen.

Please note:  That I have also left in the extra credit options if you are running a little short in one of the Avenue of Service Categories.

Below I have listed the the Governor Citation and Avenue of Service award Criteria.

If you have any questions regarding the Awards program or need help please contact Ricardo or Chuck for Assistance


Governor Citation Requirements

To qualify for the Governor’s Citation, it is mandatory to have the 2022-2023 District 5330 Compliance affidavit on file with the District Youth Protection Officer. Your club should also be current with the RI and District dues.

The Club President must submit a report to the District Governor by May 1st, 2023 to apply for this Award. In summary, please report on progress from each area below and how your club has achieved the requirements.

If a section is short, the club may use Extra Credit accomplishments from the General Category section to make up any shortage.


Avenue of Service Categories


Community Service               Need 5          

  • Club has a Community Service Chair
  • Club Representative Attend District Community Service Training
  • Conduct a Community Needs Assessment
  • Participate in a Local Food Drive
  • Join Another Organization to Partner on a Community Project or Fund Raiser
  • Join Another Rotary Club(s) to Partner on a Community Service Project
  • Secure a District or Wallis Jones Grant
  • Participate in Rotary Service/Work Day(s)

Public Image                            Need 5                            

  • Club Has a Public Image Chair
  • Club Representative Attend District Public Image Training
  • Club Has a Current Website Updated on a Routine Basis
  • Club Has a Facebook Page Updated on a Routine Basis
  • Club Utilizes Social Media (Tool Other Than Facebook) to Publicize Club Activity & Recruit New Members
  • Club Posts Information on Upcoming Events/Projects on Online Community Calendar
  • Club Writes/Sends Out Press Release on Club Activity/Project
  • Club Member Speak at City Council Meeting on Club Activities/Projects

 Membership                            Need 4              

  • Club has a Membership Chair
  • Club Representative Attend District Membership Training
  • Add Three (3) New Members to Your Club
  • Retain 95% of Your Clubs Membership Listed at July 1, 2022
  • Conduct a Membership Survey of Club Members Attitudes & Needs
  • Club Responds to New Member Leads Forwarded by RI/District Membership Chair

Foundation                               Need 4                  

  • Club has a Foundation Chair
  • Club Has Two (2) Representatives Attend District Foundation Training
  • Increase Last Year’s Annual Fund Donations by 2%
  • Increase Last Year’s PolioPlus Donations to a Minimum of $1,500 (Can Include DDF Funds)
  • Club to Register Club President, President Elect, & Foundation Chair to Attend District Foundation Gala
  • Club Purchases a Table for the District Foundation Gala
  • Club Utilizes 100% of 2022-2023 DDF Funding for Community Block or Global Grants

Club Service                              Need 4

  • Club Representative Attend District Club Service Training
  • Club Representative Attend DACdb Training
  • Club Goals for 2022-23 Reported & Updated in Rotary Club Central
  • President Elect (Club President for 2023-24) Reports Club Board to District Administrator Before December 31st, 2022
  • President Nominee Designate (Club President for 2025-26) Elected Before May 1st, 2023
  • Club Information Up to Date on DACdb
  • Club Have an Active We Care Program
  • Club Enrolls One (1) Member into Rotary Leadership Institute

Youth Service                           Need 4                  

  • Club Representative Attend District Youth Service Training
  • Sponsor at least Two (2) Student to PRYDE
  • Sponsor at least Two (2) Students to RYLA
  • Start/Support an Interact Club
  • Start/Support a Rotaract Club
  • Provide at least Two (2) Scholarships to Graduating High School Seniors
  • Have a Minimum of 85% of Club Members Live Scan Approved to Work w/Youth

Vocational Services                 Needs 3                   

  • Club Representative Attend District Vocational Service Training
  • Participate in 4-Way Test Speech Contest
  • Participate in District Music Competition
  • Host an Ethics Program in Your Club
  • Hold a Career Day or Mock Interview Project with High School Students


International Service             Need 3                  

  • Club International Service Chair Meetings with District Chair
  • Have an International Service Program at Your Club Meeting
  • Participate in One (1) International Activity
  • Partner on or Create a Global Grant
  • Identify a Potential International Sister Club

General Categories  Extra Credit Items

  • Club to Register Club President & President Elect to Attend District Conference
  • Club Earns a Presidential Citation from RI
  • Have a Club Member on Current District Staff/Team
  • Net Growth of Club Membership for the Year of +2
  • Enter a Foursome in the District Golf Tournament
  • Create/Update Club’s Strategic Plan
  • Create/Participate in an Area President’s Council
  • Report in Rotary Club Central Projects Completed & Man Hours Contributed


Donald E. Casper
District 5330
District Governor
Ricardo Loretta
Palm Desert
District 5330
District Awards Chair
Chuck Cheeze Weisbart
District 5330
District Chief of Staff