Ensuring Safety for Our Youth

Youth Protection Compliance Affidavit

Join Rotary District 5330 in our mission to create a safe and secure environment for all youth participants. Your compliance is crucial in safeguarding our future generations.

Why It Matters

The Importance of Youth Protection Compliance

At Rotary District 5330, we believe that the safety and well-being of our youth is paramount. Youth protection compliance ensures that all volunteers and staff are equipped with the knowledge and tools to create a secure environment. This not only protects the youth but also upholds the integrity and trust of our organization. By adhering to strict compliance standards, we can prevent abuse and misconduct, fostering a positive and nurturing atmosphere for all participants.

Compliance with youth protection policies is not just a legal obligation but a moral one. It reflects our commitment to the highest standards of care and responsibility. Through rigorous training, background checks, and ongoing support, we aim to create a culture of vigilance and accountability. Your participation in these efforts is vital to our mission of safeguarding the youth in our community.

Enter the Rotary Year for this form
certifies that it is operating all Rotary Youth programs in compliance with the Abuse and Harassment Prevention Guidelines set forth by the District 5330 and Rotary International policy. Included in this certification is a list and copies of all materials produced at the Rotary Club Level, as well as website links, promoting youth activities and programs. (Please attach if any documents below)
The Crisis services in the Rotary Club's City for rape and suicide crisis hotline, alcohol and drug awareness programs for teenagers, etc. are listed below (Proper law enforcement agencies, community services & private services). NAME OF AGENCY AND PHONE NUMBERS REQUIRED.
Please attach a list of club Rotarians who have attended a District 5330 Abuse and Harassment Training Program.
We certify that all Rotarians and non-Rotarians participating as an integral part of our Rotary Club Youth Programs have undergone a background check and reference check required by Rotary International and District 5330 policy including, but not limited to, adult full-time residents of youth exchange host home, counselor, club chairs, and all Rotarians and their spouses or partners with direct unsupervised contact with students in each of our Rotary Club's youth programs. All volunteers have completed and signed the Youth Volunteer Affidavit. No volunteers have had unsupervised contact with students in the Youth Programs of our Rotary Club until a background check was conducted and each was cleared for unsupervised contact with students.
Our Rotary Club will follow the Youth Program Abuse and Harassment Reporting Guidelines established by District 5330 and Rotary International.
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Join Us in Safeguarding Our Youth

Take an active role in promoting a safe and supportive environment for our youth. Submit the form to get involved in our Youth Protection Compliance program and make a difference in Rotary District 5330.