Welcome to the District 5330 Training Library! This area was created with the goal of providing Rotarians, regardless of time, distance, or financial constraints, the opportunity to participate in training sessions to learn more about Rotary’s place in their individual lives.

Our District opted to build this Training Library because of the belief that an informed Rotarian is a strong Rotarian. This area has given us the chance to share several of our members’ knowledge and expertise on topics specific to Rotary and subjects that may be useful in our members’ daily lives. We hope this is beneficial to all concerned!

If you have any question, please, contact me!

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A Premier Look at Diversity, Equity, Accessibility & Inclusion

How to Conduct Successful Hybrid Meetings

Facilitation Skills for Leaders

Leadership Has No Title

DACdb Finance Module Training

DACdb Secretary Training Video

DACdb Grant Training (RAW UNEDITED)

Club Youth Protection Officer & Club Certification

Strengthening Our Youth Clubs Through Collaboration

YEAH Youth Exchange Administration Hub for Club Youth Exchange Officers Part 2 of 2

YEAH Youth Exchange Administration Hub for Club Youth Exchange Officers Part 1 of 2

Youth Exchange Counselor Training Part 2 of 2

Youth Exchange Counselor Training Part 1 of 2

Change Your World by Getting Involved in Rotary Youth Exchange

Be a Champion for the Rotary Foundation

Rotary Foundation Grant Writing Q & A

What More is There to Learn After Attending PETS

Will You Be Club President in 2021

Power Up Your Rotary Exposure On LinkedIn

Brand Your Club

People of Action

Improve Your Club’s Website

Instagram 101

Using Virtual Reality to Share the Power of Rotary

Member Engagement – Embracing Club Service

Creating a Branded Membership Campaign

Service is the Key to Retention

D5030 Satellite Clubs Training

Growing Membership – How to Have an Attractive Club

Membership and Public Image – Perfect Partners

Member Engagement Using Rotary’s Five Areas of Service

What Does It Take To Be Part of the District 5020 Training

How Could You Be of Service Beyond the Club Level

Is Club Leadership in Your Future

How to Have a Purposeful & Engaged Board

Being the Peacemaker Conflict Resolution

Fundraising in the Days of Social Distancing

Finding Balance in the Midst of Chaos

Literacy Projects to Inspire

The ABCs of Rotary

Vocational Service a Rotarian Legacy

Being an Effective Club Treasurer

Tips & Tricks for Club Secretaries

Navigating the Basics of Clubrunner & Rotary Club Central

Aloha Celebration 2020

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